The Five Most Important Pieces Of Surfing Equipment Every Surfer Should Own

Have you ever gone surfing in the California waters and watched the sun rise from the ends of the ocean? NO?! You are a beginner you say? Well I think it is about that time you give it a shot, wether it be on the west coast or the east, if your a beach junkie, you will absolutely fall in love with the thrill.

Let go over the basic surfing equipment essentials any surfer should own:

1. A surfboard- duh!

2. Wet Suit- One that will not only keep your body temperature tolerable in cold water but has a good stitch job. You never want to purchase a cheap suit because if for some reason your sliding on the sand in any way, be prepared to watch it rip.

3. Glove and boots- Considering it can take some getting use to swimming in colder waters, during the winter these are essential. The last thing you want is to be swimming inward and you loose feeling in your hands and feet. This can actually cause your extremities to stiffen not to mention get you sick if it is cold enough.

4. Board Wax- This is a surfers must-have item for their boards. Waxing your board will make sure you stay on your board. When shopping for the right wax, keep in mind that each wax is made different. Each one is made for a different water temperature so if your not sure when shopping-ask or you run the risk of it melting and you slipping.

5. Board Leash- You wouldn’t walk your dog without a leash when you know you could loose it right? Never surf without you boards leash unless you never want to see it again. This will be your best friend and most worn accessory because it makes sure your board follows you everywhere in the water when you fall off.

These are the five essential items you should make sure you have before getting on any board as a beginner. You always want to keep your body protected and make sure you choose well known brands for everything. Do your research before you shop.

For the more experienced surfer, there happens to be some extreme items on the market these days. Unlike the old school days of grabbing your board and jumping into the water, there is a new things called Kite Boarding. Have you tried it yet?

Kite boarding is a mix of surfing, snow boarding, and parachuting that you do on the water. The surf boards has foot bindings attached to them and the surfer attaches a kite to their waste and allows the wind to fly them across the water top.

Maybe your not interested in kite boarding but you need some cool new accessories. How does a personal locker sound? A locker that you can easily carry in your hand and has a code lock like a safe would be the best thing to hide your wallet, phone, and anything else you need to hide while your in the water. This item is called a hitch safe and it is great for divers, surfers and anything else you can find a use for it.

Wether your a beginner or a pro, there is always something new and cooler being released on the market. How ever you decide to play in the water, keep in mind to make sure you have all the right gear before heading out. Go over everything you possibly can when purchasing new items and totally hang ten brahs!